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Our story

The Paris to Orléans Railway Company ( P.O)
implemented in 1864 the line which serves Albi from Tessonnières and which will give its name to our establishment located opposite the Albi-Ville station.
Here, the locomotive enters the station, accompanied by its cloud of smoke, and the travelers will soon descend in the last screeches of the wheels on the rails.

Imagine, the long dresses slightly crumpled by the journey of these ladies in hats, these gentlemen in three-piece suits staring amazed at the dial of their pocket watch checking with application and surprise that the train is on time!…

Look at the large square, where a few carriages and their impatient horses await the first travellers…

There you are, you are almost there… So cross the square, and come and sit on the terrace. A waiter, black suit, immaculate white apron greets you. You order a cold lemonade.

You’re welcome !